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Bryce Chidester @brycec

@neutral Well that would be nice. [Last upgrade I tried](, one of the gems wouldn't build on OpenBSD and I just haven't had the time or enthusiasm.

@dvl @phessler

I assume/hope 'kill' wasn't meant literally. But, in case it wasn't, please don't kill Dan.

(manual re-toot from birdsite)

#AWS #OpenBSD AMIs on eu-west-1 by

current => ami-d1875ea8
6.2 => ami-ec904395
6.1 (don't use!) => ami-17110571

Yes it's "ec2-user@$ip" and you can doas(1) all you want...


This is just a reminder that the service is still up and running (surprisingly)

I don’t want alerts for swap usage. That’s a bullshit reason to alert. I only want to know if the system is paging in/out a lot.

100% swap usage is NOT a problem

"hey, now. why the long face?"
"because longer passwords are more secure"

@kusuriya On account of a prior engagement, I will not be attending vBSDcon.


*rimshot* Get it? GET IT???? DO YOU GET MY GLORIOUS PUN?!

@phessler Congrats!

So, uh... if there's a sudden flood of refugees from, say, hypothetically, some large republic that turns into an ex-republic, would you have crash space for a couple of them?

Asking for a friend.

Oh, and a handful of pet rats. Can't forget those.

Maybe a goat, if it's before EuroBSDCon.

Purely hypothetically, of course.

Toronto was pre-*belch*-ty cool! *Slurp*

If your programming language runtime mandates WX memory pages, you chose the wrong language.

Saying just "I'm on Mastodon now!" and complaining that people can't find you is like saying "I'm on email, come find me!" and complaining your inbox is empty.

protip: `zfs-auto-snapshot` and `zfs rollback` are your friends.

*poof* 1TB+ reappeared

protip: If you run `rsync` with `--remove-source-files`, do NOT later run `rsync --delete`

You want to contribute to FreeBSD? Run this on your servers to find packages you have installed which have no maintainer. If you feel comfortable enough with the software to become the maintainer, please do!

pkg query -e '%m = ""' %o